About This Directory

This site was developed in hopes of providing a service not previously available for both students and instructors to meet and schedule dive training. The concept is fairly simple, but we have put a lot of work into providing content that is suited for the student who knows absolutely nothing about diving all the way to the instructor’s level of education. The site has several features specifically designed to give independent instructors an opportunity to advertise for themselves, including their unique teaching styles and specialties. We hope that this creates a way for the students to select the ideal instructor for their dive education that is best suited to their needs and capabilities. We have also provided many helpful tools such as direct contacts and search engines (to verify instructors credentials) for different certifying agencies as well as common questions students should be asking the instructor about the courses they offer.

We encourage you to explore our site and take advantage of all the tools and information we have set up. Instructors, please follow directions and create your profile to advertise yourself and the classes you offer.

Any Independent Instructor can join this listing by clicking on “Add Listing” and completing the information.  If your Location or Category isn’t available just choose “Not Listed” and before we approve the listing we will contact you and add your Location or Category.  We make every effort to confirm your information and approve your listing within 48 hours but remember, we may be off diving somewhere.  If that is the case, it may delay the approval.  Not to worry, we WILL get to it.

Instructors-To REGISTER or LOG IN scroll to the bottom of the page. Once you complete password setup and log in to your account you will be directed to your dashboard. From here you just select the HOME icon and then continue with “ADD LISTING”. (check spam for confirmation email and password set up)

Those of you looking for an instructor can simply select All Listings at the top of this page. You can also search this site by location or category to narrow down your selections. Students do not register or create an account.

Scroll to the bottom of this page for Links to “Other Considerations” which include suggestions on ‘How to Choose a Scuba Instructor’. You can also review the links for more about us and/or to leave suggestions or feedback.

*Before committing to a class we encourage all students to verify the credentials of their instructor by using the verification assistance tab. Here you will find direct contacts to the certifying agencies so that you can contact them and verify the instructor as well as ask questions about any previous reported incidents. Some certifying agencies provide a search engine that allows you to verify the instructors highest level of teaching certification and that they are in an “active status”** This does not provide all the credentials of specialty certifications or any previous incidents so we strongly suggest the direct call to the certifying agency ie PADI, STI, NAUI, etc and ask them to disclose any additional information relevant to your dive training.
Questions you might ask

1. Is my instructor in good standing (active, dues paid, insured)

2. Any previously reported incidents that could effect my choice of instructor. (such as an injury where the instructor was at fault or any pending litigation)

3. Is this instructor certified to teach the course I want including specialties like..wreck, deep, nitrox, sidemount etc

TIP:  Make a note of who you spoke with and their responses